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The English Slave, the first novel in the Empires and Kingdoms historical fiction series, tells the true, yet little known, story of how young Captain John Smith (of Jamestown fame), was left for dead on the battlefield and sold into slavery at Axiopolis, an Ottoman border town on the lower Danube.

Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Beautiful Aisha, sister of Ottoman Sultan Mehmet III, receives a gift from her fiancé, Grand Vizier Yemisci Hasan Pasha. Young Captain John Smith is now her English slave.

When the Ottoman Turks ruled Egypt and confronted the Holy Roman Empire in Europe, powerful kingdoms attempted to impose their wills. Filled with action and intrigue, romance and betrayal, battles and adventure, Empires and Kingdoms brings mosaic scenes to life around AD 1600, the turn of the 17th Century.

Empires and Kingdoms: The English Slave, a Historical Novel by David Eugene Andrews

Empires and Kingdoms: The English Slave

In the first novel in the Empires and Kingdoms historical fiction series, Grand Vizier Yemisci Hasan Pasha sends young Captain John Smith to his betrothed, Aisha, Sister of the Sultan, living at her vast palace on the Hippodrome in Stamboul.


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